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Medbourne Parish Councillors - 2015/16

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Contact Details and Responsibilities

The table below shows the current Medbourne Parish Councillors, their contact details and main responsibilities. A set of email links to the Parish Councillors and the Parish Clerk are given below.


Contact Details


Tim Gidley-Wright

Tel: 01858 565128

Neighbourhood Planning

Louise Pilkington

Tel: 01858 565996

LRALC representative
MEFT representative
Parish Maintenance

Bernadette Caffrey

Tel: 01858 565426

Sports Club Representative

Linda Easton

Tel: 01858 565364

Medbourne Charities Representative
Village Hall Representative

Sheelagh Shaen-Carter

Tel: 01858 565677

Planning Representative


Parish Clerk: Martin Field

Email links to Councillors and the Parish Clerk

Email Louise Pilkington

Email Tim Gidley-Wright

Email Bernadette Caffrey

Email Linda Easton

Email Sheelagh Shaen-Carter

Email Martin Field

Volunteers who assist the Parish Council

Richard Hammond

Legal Advisor

Roger Lee

Internal Auditor

David Tuffs

Information Resources Advisor

Mim and David Nance

War Memorial Wardens

Bryan Smith

Keeper of The Hollow
Tree and Brook Warden

Paul Polito

Keeper of the Village Benches

Ian Clarke

Street Lighting Warden