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Medbourne’s Neighbourhood Plan

Current Status

Medbourne Parish Council approved the draft Neighbourhood Plan for submission to Harborough District Council at the Parish Council meeting of 4th December 2017.  The submission date is 8th December 2017.

The Back Story


What Next…

Harborough District Council will publicise the plan for a further six weeks and then forward it, with accompanying documents and all representations made during the publicity period, to an Independent Examiner who will review it and check that it meets the ‘Basic Conditions’. If the Plan successfully passes this stage, following any modifications, it will be put forward for referendum.

The referendum question will be a straight “yes” or “no” on the entire Plan, as set out by Neighbourhood Planning Regulations. People will not be able to vote for or against individual policies. If 50% or more of respondents vote for the Plan, it will be brought into force (‘Made’) and become part of District-wide planning policy. 

The Parish Council believes that our Neighbourhood Plan reflects the views and aspirations of the whole Medbourne community and hopes for a positive outcome from the referendum.

Neighbourhood Plan Documents

The Medbourne Neighbourhood Plan submission to Harborough District Council comprises the documents listed below.  This is the first formal issue (v1.0) for the final stage in the process of having the Plan brought into force.

All the documents below are in PDF format.

The complete document package can be downloaded here…