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Medbourne’s Neighbourhood Plan


The Medbourne Neighbourhood Plan has been ‘made’ (4th July 2018) following a positive referendum result on 28th June 2018. It will now be used to determine planning applications within the designated area. See the final Decision Statement.

The Plan and associated documents are available below.

Neighbourhood Plan Documents

The Medbourne Neighbourhood Plan (the Referendum version) is comprised of the documents listed below. 

All the documents below are in PDF format.

The complete document package can be downloaded here…

Supporting Documents

Additional documents that we have been asked to publish in support of the Neighbourhood Plan:

The Back Story

What Next?

The Medbourne Neighbourhood Plan will now be used to determine planning applications within the Designated Area

The Parish Council will highlight any relevant policy areas for future applications when commenting to the Local Planning Authority. This will help ensure that the Development Management officers are aware of all the relevant policies and fully take them into account when determining the application.

The Parish Council will informally review the Medbourne Neighbourhood Plan regularly to ensure that it remains fit-for-purpose.

A more formal review may be required if there is a major strategic policy change.