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Payments 2015/16

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The Council is required to publish details of all payments made above £100. All payments made by the Council are reported in the minutes of each meeting. For clarity, the payments from 2015/16 are listed here. A down-loadable file is provided below.

Month Paid to Particulars Amount
Mar-15 Medbourne Village Hall Rent and Donation (£775) £775.00
Apr-15 e.on Electricity £179.37
Apr-15 Autella Ltd Payroll £61.50
Apr-15 Six Saints Circa Holt Magazine £200.00
Apr-15 Eyebrook Wildbird Feeds The Hollow £90.00
Apr-15 RCC Subscription £50.00
Apr-15 e.on Energy Solutions Ltd Maintenance £126.43
May-15 G Thomson Clerk's Salary April 2015 £117.17
May-15 G Thomson Clerk's Salary May 2015 £117.17
May-15 Came & Company Insurance General PC Insurance (inc IPT) £456.18
Jul-15 G Thomson Clerk's Salary June 2015 £116.97
Jul-15 G Thomson Clerk's Salary July 2015 £117.17
Jul-15 HMRC Tax on staffing £87.80
Jul-15 e.on Lighting £547.06
Sep-15 Harborough District Council Elections £125.00
Sep-15 LRALC Local Councils Explained £14.99
Sep-15 Councillor Pilkington Neighbourhood Plan Preparations - copying £21.00
Sep-15 G Thomson Clerk's Salary August 2015 £117.17
Sep-15 HMRC Tax on staffing £87.80
Sep-15 P Polito Neighbourhood Plan Preparations £294.32
Sep-15 Councillor Pilkington Reimbursement for personally paying HDC dog bins emptying invoice No D0006900 (replacement cheque) £219.44
Oct-15 e.on Street lighting £28.39
Oct-15 G Thomson Clerk's salary - September 2015 £117.17
Oct-15 G Thomson Clerk's salary - October 2015 £116.97
Oct-15 Medbourne Church Council Light - replacement cheque £24.00
Nov-15 LRALC Councillors training £212.50
Nov-15 Harborough District Council Collection of five dog bins: Apr 15 - Sep 15 £219.41
Nov-15 G Thomson Clerk's Salary - November 2015 £117.17
Dec-15 e.on Replace faulty street light (column 2 Main St / Uppingham Road (£46.20)
Replace faulty street light (column 19 Ashley Rd) (£29.40)
Dec-15 Grant Thornton Annual Return 2015 £180.00
Dec-15 Society of Local Council Clerks Annual Subscription £65.00
Dec-15 G Thomson Clerk’s salary December 2015 and Neighbourhood Plan Aug to Dec 2015 £289.22
Dec-15 Market Harborough & District Poppy Team Poppy Wreath and Donation £40.00
Dec-15 Councillor Pilkington Refund of Remembrance Day Bugler £30.00
Jan-16 HMRC Income Tax £130.80
Jan-16 G Thomson Clerk's salary January 2016 and Clerk’s salary Neighbourhood Planning (January 2016) £151.42
Jan-16 Autella Ltd Auto enrolment planning £20.00
Jan-16 e.on Quarterly maintenance street lighting (Sep - Dec 2015) £126.43
Jan-16 e.on Electricity £275.93
Feb-16 LRALC S106 & CIL training (Councillor Shaen-Carter) & CiLCA Training Sessions £225.00
Mar-16 e.on Energy Solutions Ltd Street Lighting Maintenance – Quarters ending 30 June and 30 September 2015) – cheques not cashed  £252.86
Mar-16 Leicestershire County Council Web Support Service to parish councils.  £180.00
Mar-16 HMRC Tax £113.60
Mar-16 G Thomson Clerk’s salary (February 2016), Photocopying and printing, mobile telephone, Clerk’s salary Neighbourhood Planning (February 2016) £300.77
Mar-16 Greenbarnes Ltd  Replacement parts for P94A noticeboard  £76.15
  Mower Fund Account (separate account) Council contribution  £250 £250.00


Down-loadable copy of the above

This data is available to download: Payments 2015/16 (PDF File)