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Medbourne Parish Council

Medbourne Information

Medbourne is a village in south east Leicestershire within the Harborough District. The village has 200+ residences and 400+ inhabitants. Full information about the village can be found on the linked village web site.

This site satisfies the statutory requirement on the Parish Council to provide transparency through publication of its proceedings.

To contact the Parish Council see the Contact Us page.

This page /sub-site has its own domain: www.medbourneparishcouncil.co.uk


September 2021 PC Meeting

The revised September meeting of the Parish Council will take place in the Village Hall on Monday 27th September 2021 at 7.30 pm. The agenda can be found on the Meetings page and the September Diary.

Martin Field - Parish Clerk

Change of Dates for Parish Council Meetings

The Parish Council meeting in September will now be held on Monday 27th in order to maximise the availability of of Councillors on tht date. This will replace the two meetings scheduled for 6th September and 4th October.

The next meeting after 27th September will then be 1st November, as previously noted in the meetings calendar.

M. Field
Parish Clerk

2021-22 Medbourne Parish Councillors - August 2021 update

At the July meeting of the Parish Council, the Council agreed to appoint Seb Kendall to be Chair of the Council for 2021-22.

The Council had received a submission of interest in the remaining vacancy on the Council from Sam Ryall, but has since been informed that this has now had to be withdrawn. A new notice of the remaining vacancy will be shortly announced with details of the usual procedure to follow for any interest from members of the parish in becoming a Parish Councillor.
The current elected members of the Parish Council for 2021-22 are:

Seb Kendall (Chair)
Sheelagh Shaen-Carter
Lynda Easton
James Oakes

[Please see the contact details provided on these webpages.]

Martin Field,
Parish Clerk

Exercise of Public Rights to inspect MPC 2020-21 audit

Information about the 2020-21 Internal Audit report, is available in documentation available for public inspection from 1 July until 11 August 2021. For details see Exercise of Public Rights 2020-21 and AGAR return 2020-21.

Council Meetings 2021-22

The next meeting of the Parish Council will be held at 7.30 pm on Monday 5th July 2021. There will not be a meeting held in June.

Details of the Annual Parish meeting and the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council, both held on Monday 3rd May 2021, will be placed on the website when they have been prepared and agreed.

Martin Field,
Parish Clerk

Annual Meetings 2021 - Monday 3 May 2021

The programmed meetings of both the 2021 Annual Parish Meeting and the 2021 Annual Meeting of the Parish Council are scheduled to take place on Monday 3 May 2021.

The Parish Council is aware that this date is a 'Bank Holiday'. Following consideration of this matter, Councillors have agreed that the meetings should continue to be held on this date, as this is the last week when it is permissible to hold public meetings via Zoom or similar 'distanced' networks, before Government restrictions are changed and all Councils will be obliged to arrange for holding future meetings in person, on a face-to-face basis. The particular impact of this matter is that the 'annual' meetings must take place during the month of May.

It is intended that the first meeting on 3 May 2021 will now commence at 7.00pm (a slight change from previous information). Following the completion of the two 'annual' meetings, there will also be the May meeting of the Parish Council held in the second half of the same evening.

Further details and agendas will be forthcoming in due course.

Martin Field,
Parish Clerk

Your Council Needs You!

Please see message from the Chair of the Parish Council asking for volunteers to participate. (8th March 2021)

Publication of Minutes

The final minutes for each meeting of the Parish Council will be published once those minutes have been ratified at the Council's next meeting (minutes from March 2021 will be available after their acceptance at the April meeting, etc.). Minutes are published on the Meetings page and will no longer appear in the Diary.