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Public Transport

This page covers the demand responsive transport services operating from Medbourne.

Several years ago Leicestershire County Council replaced the bus services that used to run to Leicester and Market Harborough with "On Demand" services, i.e. you need to phone ahead of time to book the service. The service to Leicester (Service DRT 303) has since been discontinued. Service DRT 304 runs from Medbourne to Market Harborough on Tuesdays and Fridays, see below:

DRT 304 - Services to Market Harborough

The twice weekly DRT 304 service to Market Harborough is operated by Murphy’s Taxis and can be booked by telephone 01858 410210.  Passengers will be charged the same rates as the standard bus fare (currently £2†) for each journey and will be free for those who have a senior bus pass.

For full information on this service download the leaflet below:

£2 is a a fare subsidised by UK Government. This applies in 2024 but its future continuation is subject to prevailing government policy.