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"Medbourne as it happens"

If you want to keep up-to-date with "what's on in Medbourne" there are three easy ways to do it:

  • check this web site regularly, or
  • request regular updates via email, or
  • follow us on Twitter

For busy people on the move the latter two options are ideal as you can receive regular reminders and news directly to your smart phone, tablet or PC.

You will see that there's a Twitter panel on the Village Home Page; this replaces any form of News page on this web site. News will always be published first via email and Twitter.

Regular Updates

The Local Events page of this web site carries the complete calendar of activities and events in the village. Email and Twitter subscribers will receive a monthly reminder of what's coming up next month. There may also be emails for particular events that are notified too late for the regular email. In addition, Twitter subscribers will receive an individual reminder about each event just before it happens. All the reminders will link to the relevant online Local Events page where all the detail will be available.

Emails will be sent to a Medbourne Village email list. To join the list click here.

If you are more interested in Twitter then click here.

Event Organisers - please note

It's important that everything happening in the village is posted in the Diary. (However, please continue to use paper posters, the Parish magazine and newspaper advertising - not everybody is online!) To post events use the Add to Diary page or simply email the site administrator. If you have a poster, photo or artwork please include it in the posting (.jpg and .pdf files preferred).

The aim is to maximise awareness of what's happening in the village thereby increasing participation for the benefit of all. Posting your event online is both the easiest and the most important thing you can do to publicise it.

Follow us on Twitter

To follow what's happening in the Village via Twitter it's as easy as logging on to Twitter and following @Medbourne565. You can find Twitter at https://twitter.com/.

Twitter followers will receive the same monthly updates and information as email subscribers. In addition the schedule of events in each month will be set up in Twitter so that a timely reminder about each event can be tweeted automatically. As with the email system, each tweet will contain a link to this web site where the full details will be available. Please feel free to reply to @Medbourne565 if you have any comments.