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Medbourne's Platinum Jubilee

If you have pictures of the Platinum Jubilee that you wish to add to this Picture Gallery please email them to the site administrator.

Flags Out
Nevill Holt
Free Drinks
The Beacon
In the Glow
Warm Faces
Fireworks 1
Fireworks 2
Fireworks 3
Fireworks 4
Fireworks 5
Fireworks 6
Fireworks 7
Fireworks 8
Fireworks 9
Fireworks 10
Fireworks 11
Fireworks 12
Preparing the Church
Tea in the Churchyard
Tea in the Churchyard 2
Thanksgiving Attendees
In the Churchyard
In the Churchyard 2
Come to the Party
Old Holt Road Street Party
Party Food
Setting Up
Inside the Village Hall
Under Cover
Chairs at the Ready
Jubilee Tableware
Before the Lunch
Alternate View
At Lunch 1
At Lunch 2
At Lunch 3
At Lunch 4
Platinum Pudding
At Lunch 5
At Lunch 6
At Lunch 7
At Lunch 8
At Lunch 9
Speech Time
Smiles and Hats
Red, White and Blue 1
Red, White and Blue 2
Red, White and Blue 3
Red, White and Blue 4
Red, White and Blue 5
To "The Queen"
Red, White and Blue 6
Red, White and Blue 7
Red, White and Blue 8
Red, White and Blue 9
Red, White and Blue 10
Red, White and Blue 11
Red, White and Blue 12
Out Come the Cakes
The Cakes
Convivial 1
Convivial 2
Convivial 3
Convivial 4
Fancy Dress
Proud Mums
Boat Race 1
Boat Race 2
Boat Race 3
Boat Race 4
Boat Race 5
Boat Race 6
Boat Race 7
Boat Race 8
The Party Goes On
The Committee